Friday, December 4, 2015

Love what you do


It has been two months since I wrote you a post. Sorry for being hiatus again. Life has been great so far yet tiring. I never knew (-I neglected all the saying) that first year teaching experience would be hard. Indeed, it is true! Adjusting with school's system was not easy, even until now I am still adjusting. Getting to know new people again -and again, adapt with the new culture. You do not need to go abroad to experience new culture. Being an Indonesian citizen from the western part and now currently living in the eastern part has shown me the real rich cultural diversity. Never thought before that I would step on Papua. Never ever.

My student teaching experiences were all blast! Make at least 20 lesson plans? Easy! Conducting a big event? Easy! But why is it so hard when you deal with your own classroom now? That is the thing. Because now you are the leader of your own classroom. You are not hiding behind someone's, not anymore. That is why, everything was easy. Now, you take control of everything and be responsible of the choices or steps you decide. Scary, isn't it? The school gave me the privilege to be a first grade teacher and art coordinator, also being the leader for our annual event: Pekan Nusantara. These past 6 months have been such roller coaster to me. It rolls me ups and downs, many times without a break. I wonder how did the more than decades dedicated teachers out there survive from their first year teaching? They must be had such day, just like me! Trying to keep breathing while actually queue for oxygen, ha-ha!

I'm out for now, see you on the next post. Hopefully with the new design/concept I promised you :)

The one who is longing for holiday soon,

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