Thursday, August 27, 2015

a new blog design is coming... soon!

Hello buddies! How's everyone doing? Good? I hope you guys are feeling good and enjoying God's gift in our lovely planet called Earth well :)

I know that there are not many people visit and read this blog and I am sooooo sorry again for making another spider web on this blog. I know I know, it did not please your eyes, haha! Me too.

Just a little update...

I am now living in Papua - the Eastern part of my beloved homeland, Indonesia for at least 3 years. I graduated already both from the Corban University in Salem, Oregon -USA and Universities Pelita Harapan, in Lippo Village - Indonesia. Proudly present to you *drumrolls* Golda Regina Uli Purba, B.Ed., S.Pd, wohooo!! :D :D I, myself even until now could not believe that I could pass the thesis defense, that I could submit my thesis on time, well, in time (you know my thesis supervisor tricked us so that we could submit even wayyyy earlier than everyone. Smart, isn't it? ;))

Well, I am now a teacher, a super brand new teacher. But my principal told me and other new teachers that there is no new teacher, we should call ourself as an effective teacher. I kind of not confident when he told us that but it somehow gives me hope that I will become a great teacher in the future. Like the wine that gets better through the year, God will not going to leave me alone; He will always hold His children's hands :) and I will surely get better also. There is always the first time for everything and for everyone including me. I am so new about the school's systems where I am working at, and I am so clueless! Honestly, if I could scream, I would. If I could keep sighing, I would. But, complaining stuff are no good at all. I thank God for every teachers here especially the new teachers from the same cohort as me who were just graduated; for the reminders to keep in the Spirit of the Lord :) Thank you guys, thank you Jesus for always giving people who cares, who wants to see the needs of other people.

Not to forget to mention, my beloved awesome parents; mamak and bapak! For your never ending support, care, prayers, and many other things that a daughter like me cannot count. Cannot stop thanking God for giving me such parents, parents that every child could ever asked for! :) Thank you for believing in me through the ups and downs, thank you for never give up on me when I made mistakes. Thank you for showing your love, thank you for proving that family is truly God's wonderful gift in life.

I am now in Papua and already two months, can you imagine theta??!!! Haha. I am so excited to see what God has in store for me everyday. Just a month here, God gave me something that at first, made me mad at Him. Sorry, God. I was so upset with everyone, everything at my school. I even had this thought on my mind that I wanted to quite. I could not handle the battle - I thought. But, I believe that God will never give you something or things that you cannot solve or handle. When we feel that it is really hard, we feel that it is a hard burden, a giant rock on our shoulder, we often forgot that God actually besides us, to give us comfort. That's human, selfish. I want to be mold everyday by You, Jesus. Shape me, purify me. Help me to be more like You everyday. Give me a big heart for other people who hurt me, who left scars in my life - my heart. And forgive my mistakes to others as well. I am not perfect but You are perfect :)

As I am looking back, there is no greater thing than my Father's plans for me. If He is the one who calls, then He is the one who will provide as well. I want to keep reminding myself that there is no need to be afraid of as long as I walk with Him. I believe that my stay here in Papua, will bring good news to people. There is no thing that useless :) Even if it is a small thing, when God says it will become bigger, it will. So, Golda, keep your chin up, stay humble, keep the Spirit of the Lord, bring good news to other people! Do not be afraid, never lose hope - to you people as well :)

Look up Jeremiah 29:11 :)

So, to close my last post before a brand, a fresh new design/layout, blessings to you all!

Have a nice day!

Golda Regina Purba

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