Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas Eve ❄⛄

Merry Christmas to you all! Its been such a wonderful year. So many beautiful memories that I will always treasure. Looking back throughout 2013, I've seen myself grow little by little. Understanding the meaning of this life better day by day. I like to believe I've grown more matured in some areas of life - though I'm still as goofy as ever and I don't ever want to change that part of me. I thank the Lord for His everlasting love that never failed me. He has put me through so much - some days I feel as though I couldn't take the struggle anymore but I eventually got out of the pain and became stronger. I am thankful for this great God.. I am so thankful for this time of the year.. Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ. I know exactly that I have been hurt so many people and I am really really sorry for that! You know, I really mean it! So guys, whoever you are either close friends or only met up on social media(s), if you read this, I APOLOGIZE FOR ALL THE THINGS THAT I HAVE MADE TO YOU. PLEASE FORGIVE ME & HELP ME TO BECOME THE BETTER ONE KN THE FUTURE, FOREVER.

Feliz Navidad con Jesus en el corazon quien nos llena de su amor de su paz y bendicion,
Golda Regina

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