Saturday, October 26, 2013

Late post

What's up, guys? Remember that I told you that I'm going to write some highlights about The Mission's retret? Here you go, I will share some highlights from the retret with Ravi Zacharias.


Everyone needs a motor to examine the soul. Do we have humility, spirituality and faith in pir soul? Let us learn forum Daniel. He is a man of God who teaches us to draw the line ( make the boundaries to love according to His path ). Daniel draws the line of appetite, hunger, dependence, resistence and confidence. He keeps His soul pure in front of God. Daniel realizes that small things will bring a great impact in the future. Learning, knowledge and truth... gain it!

Ravi also talked about Joseph, a man of all seasons. Joseph pasaran the season of temptations, such as lust, gress, and pride. By the way, temptation is normal for human! Joseph pasaran the season of lain. He knows that only God who can bear all the pianis. Joseph also passed the season of belasungkawa. He teaches us to share and be the blessing to others. And last, Joseph passed the season of power from God. He uses it for the glory of His name.

Those are some of the highlights that I can share to you. Hope we can imitate Daniel and Joseph in our daily life. I hope this can also bless you.

Thank you so much for reading. Appreciate it :)

Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs

Golda Regina

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