Sunday, September 1, 2013


I am so bad for making titles, aren't I? Pardon me, please ;)

I spent my weekends attending the retreat held by "The Mission" Bible study group; from Friday night until the Sunday Service this morning. I haven't had enough listening to the Gospel. I found myself so weak in the Bible study. I am working on it now, slow but sure. Because for me, still, your act towards everything that matter the most. For me, it is just a waste of time if you study about Bible, Doctrine, Theology and everything about Christ but your acts are the opposite. Hyprocate much, doesn't it? Sort of. Well, about The Mission, this retreat is their annual event every year. This year, they are turning 25 years old; gathering together, sharing the word of God and live the life like Christ more each day. This year, UPH hosted the retreat too as the main "house" of the Bible study group. As we know, the founder of the Bible study group is also the founder of our campus, UPH.

Well, too many things to tell about the retreat. But that is not the main concern about what I want to write here. I will probably tell you about the retreat, but I need time for sure, to give it to you into one blessing package. But, one thing for sure is, I am always amazed hearing the testimony of how the power of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit work together, and transform life. I also have this such question: how's your prayer life? This reveals everything. Simple but not easy.

September is coming and again, I am not a type of person who likes to welcome the months ;p I have this resolution that I really want to (hopefully can) fulfill it. This time, no excuses! I want to have savings. What I mean is, I really want to have my own serious savings. Secondly, I want to study harder and harder and no time for Benton or Supermall (the place where I wasted lots of my parents' money), well, once a month is enough. No more shopping online! They are all so tempting! I couldn't resist myself of buying the fashion stuf from head to toe. Oh, forgive me, Lord. Third, practice more English in my daily life. I don't care if people see me as an arrogant or proud person, I just want to learn more because I will need it in my future. My future is not someone's bussiness, is it? That is why I accepted the offer to become the asst. class in Sekolah Pelita Harapan International - Lippo Village. It will be started soon, so I'm very excited! Hopefull I can get and learn lots of things there as a life long learner :) Fourth, I want to learn about patience. Learning to love with patience... others and myself. Sometimes yourself is the hardest person to love, because you see your mistakes everyday. Am I right? ;)

Well, those things are pretty much I want to fulfill starting from September, which is this month! I will share about the progression every two weeks, hope so.
Enough said for today, my eyes are tired already. See you soon!

Golda Regina

p.s.: still, I want to inform and invite you to be penpal, swap postcards / crafted things. email me!

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  1. hey Golda thanks for stopping by my blog :) goodluck for your resolutions!