Thursday, August 29, 2013

A hello before September

Hello! Sorry for the long hiatus. I don't have much stories to tell. If I have, I prefer to talk to people now instead of writing it down here and letting people read it (I hope so). I don't know, I feel like to talk. I really reallyyyy like to talk.

But now, I have a new project (sort of) to do! If you want to join me, you are warmly welcome :D Basically, I love to send or exchange postcards with some random people from, but I want more writings and more friends from all over the world. So, I decided to give myself another try for penpaling! It is so fun! I have sent letters to some people (mostly to Europe) - oh my moneyyy :p But, again! I want more! So guys, if you are interesting in snail mail or penpal or swap postcard or a lil' craft (because I can't do much hand-crafted ^^v) please, please e-mail me right away to: I'll be so happy if we can be penpals :D

So, I'll be hearing from you guys?! I am waiting! Don't hesitate to email me, don't worry I am not picky or anything ;)

Golda Regina

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