Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh, I don't want to count!

Home is where the peaceful heaven is ❤

Hello, it's H- ... (Oh, I don't want to count the days) more days I'll be in hometown. Just couple more weeks, if I'm not mistaken then flying back to Jakarta. No, thanks. I do not want to count. Would you mind helping me to count? Pretty please... say NO! :D

Oh, I am so happy to be in hometown. Nice place with a nice weather (it's really Summer in Medan! re: sunny day everyday). Not forget to mention; great people (loud, unspoken yet friendly) & finger lickin' good food - so yumm!

Here is a lil' update of my life lately, summarize in a lil' photo diary taken from my Samsung phone camera (Oh, I am so hits! :p) edited on Instagram. Take a look! ;)


Enjoy your holidays!
Golda Regina

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