Sunday, April 21, 2013

Golda & The Edgars

Hello guys, yes, I'm still alive, don't worry :p I've been busy (as usual, duh) but anyways, I'm happy to be able to post something after such a long time, I'm not gonna rant about how busy my life is, instead I wanted to share about how happy I am that I can post another story of my life. This time, about my happily kindy girl ;;) Hope you enjoy it! FYI, this was a real story of mine, just in case you are wondering who I am talking about. Hihi :*

I grew up as a girl who had so much faith in fairy tales, believing that pixie dust will make me fly and that a prince charming was going to come into my life. As I grew older, I came to my senses and realized that life does not work that way. As time went by, I realized that love is also bitter and sweet and also doesn't really make sense.

My childhood was splendid! I was a very lucky little girl back then. I went into the most favourite kindergarten school and it was every child's dream to get into that school. I was one of the smartest girls in school, not only in my class. Basically, I was the girl who guys liked at school that their moms told my mom that they liked her daughter. They told me that I was the primadonna at school. But strangely mom said, I was terrified of them chasing after me because they tried to get close to me. So, in my class there were 2 boys named Edgar. Usually every Saturday, we played sports together and we walked from the school around the church. So everyone had a partner, girl and boy which made 2 lines. But both of the Edgars wanted to partner up with me, but the teacher said 3 people were not allowed. So they liked to fight over me. Because no one could tell them what to do, the teacher allowed the three of us to walk together but in the back of the line.

I once questioned my self, "Was that the so called love that the pixie dust really happened in me since I was a child? Were these two Edgars really my prince charmings?" Well if not, I did feel so mesmerize *blushing*

P.S: Selamat Hari Kartini untuk seluruh wanita-wanita Indonesia :)

Golda Regina

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