Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello, April

Hello everyone. Yet again have I abandoned my blog. Not on purpose though. I am having my quality time practice and practice traditional dances for Gala Budaya Nusantara on this coming May or June. The date is still tentative though *sigh*. Well, whatever, I am happy to do it anyway. Because I love dancing, especially the traditional one. I used to be very active in attending so many traditional dance events back then, but I stopped it because I had to focus for the national examinations. I am going to tell about this thing later in my next post okay, as soon as I get the video from the twins sisters I adore so much, kak Maria and Elizabeth :) They are my seniors in the campus.

Oh by the way, so much to tell, but don't have any energy to type on and think hahaha. So, please excuse me to end this post. I decided to post this because I have so much pending posts I haven't posted yet :p I don't want to add the list, no more ;D

Have a good rest everyone! Enjoy April :)

Golda Regina


  1. siippp deh, jgn kelamaan ditinggal blog ini. tar lupa paswor lg macam kemarin.
    so, keep posting :)

    1. hahaha okey kak :) thanks for reminding ;)