Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hi, I know it has been a long time, again and again for me to post something for this blog. I abandoned the blog again for quite some time, around a month, yes? That was because my hectic life being part of the dormitory community and a scholarship student where I have to pay back the scholarship by fulfilling the 2000 hours of work whether it's working as an administration around the campus or teaching. For my batch, which is the batch 2011, we had this decision to work 50:50, means 1000 hours working in the administrations and another 1000 hours working in the teaching area. I have done fulfilling the administration one last year. Yes, it took me a year to finish it up. I once thought that, 1000 hours were not a big deal, but now, as I go through it, oh man, it's like pain in the neck! Well, whatever it is, I am so proud to say bye-bye to 1000 hours and fight for the other +/- 600 hours! Because started from my 3rd semester, I have taught some students in a remote area around Tangerang. I sometimes want to give up and give it a break, because I always end up sleeping very late at night and it's really disturbing my study. I always start teaching at night around 6 pm to 9 pm and going back to the dormitory at around sometimes 10 or 11 pm, after that, I don't do what the other normal students do, washing hands-legs-face-and teeth then go straightly to sleep. I have to do my tons assignments. I have to think about the non-stop events at the dormitory. I have a thought that 'why do they like to make lots of boring events?' :p Oh I am so lazy to tell about the dormitory stuff.

Well, I am off from now. Just want update about my sow hours though :p hahaha Peace! ^^v


  1. hi boru...
    semangat semua org bs sbruntung km looo....jd di bawa hepi aja...klo skrng2 sibuk mpe ga sempet post,percaya deh suatu saat pas lg ga ada kerjaan apa2 pasti kangn momen2 sibuk
    takecare yaa.... GB

    1. hahaha selalu senyum gimanaaa gitu setiap kali kakak panggil boru :D anw, thanks ya kak. tapi kadang kesibukan ini suka ngga masuk akal. hahaha :p thank you for the encourangement! :*