Monday, October 15, 2012

Just a quick recap.

So, hi everyone.. It has been a long time since my last post ya (I know) :p How are you? I have been not so good but not so bad at all. Last Friday on 12th Oct, I went to the HOPE Counseling and Assessment Center at my campus, UPH. I really thank God that they have their counseling center by themselves. It's free and it's open for public also :) So if you think you really have something to tell or share or everything you name it, please feel free to come. I have experienced the atmosphere there and it's not as scary as I thought it would be. My counselor is Pdt. Yakub B. Susabda, he is jussssst great! He really is helping me a lot to change my mindset about my own self; to see everything in a positive ways. He is my mood booster! Now I can stand on my feet my by self. I am not afraid at all walking by my self, going to the campus, canteen, chapel, wherever it goes alone, by my self. I am not afraid of the saying that I don't have friends because I walk alone. I don't waste my parents' money anymore because I don't have friends to accompany me to eat at the food junction. Yeah, because you know, as a scholarship student, I also have the 3 times free meals, but if I order but I don't take it, I should pay for it. So yeah, from my story, I bet you know that if I don't have friends to eat with me, it's better for me to just pay rather then take the meal and eat. Pathetic, right? So don't ever copy me. Never ever. Hueee :p

So may things I have shared to Pdt. Yakub B. Susabda, but I think let it be my secret between me and him and of course my Jesus Christ :) Thank you Jesus for creating me beautifully inside and outside. Sorry because I have been so down, and low self-esteem, I have been so depressed on the things I shouldn't have to. Sorry for not seeing my own self as Your likeness. Thank you for giving me a great man as Your longing hand to hear all of my left unspoken thoughts. He said he is ready anytime to be my dustbin. Hahaha. Thank also for my parents, my sister, who are also known about this. Thank you for daddy, who always never fail to make my self-confidence up, thank your for mommy who is also never fail to make me laugh, and the last but not least, my crazy little sister with her shyness showing her caring to me though it's not a direct care :p but I know, she means it! :) One thing that always make me put a smile on my face and sometimes giggles a bit when I remember she said, "STOP ILU!" Ilu is cry in Batak language, so basically, she wanted to say, "STOP CRYING!" :) lol Thanks lil' monster {()}

Ok guys, I think it's enough until there. Let's talk about another thing. So, I went to Social Media Festival 2012 eventually. Praise the Lord! :) Can't thank Jesus enough for this. I thought I couldn't come at all. But Jesus led the way! He made it! I went on its last day of the event. I met and visit super awesome people and booths that have been exists in the cyber world. They are also awesome! I didn't regret a bit though it was a quite tiring walk to catch there. Hehehe. So I went to @cardtopost's booth and @GambarHarian's booth. I meant that's the only booth I wanted to pay a visit to at first before I came there and saw lot of great booths also :p Yayness, I met the owner of cardtopost there. It has been a long time since I met him. (duileeeh kayak udah lama kenal aja, Goldaaaa *bangun-bangun*) I took pictures with him too and I posted it on my instagram hehehe. Oh, I have instagram now, please feel free to follow @goldaregina :) One of the photo with him now had been my profile picture on Facebook ;) Hehehe. I also take pictures with kak Thari from Gambar Harian and kak ijotoska whom I have been reading her blog for quite some time :) I took pictures at her 2 booths; Anjing Gombal and Picnic (the last one I forgot :p) Well, eumm, what else.. Ah, at the picnic booth, I took pictures with kak ijotoska's friend from the Kos_Kas booth, he is kak Basyri (if I am not mistaken :p) hahaha. I also got the goodie bags from Persembahan Untuk Alam from Teh Kotak and Kaskus! So happy! :) I bought a tee also from and shared it with the random foreigners I met there who was also galau which one should we buy. Me and this yah quite handsome bule wanted to buy all the tees but lack of rupiahs. lol So the bule finally just bought the cap. hahahha.

Ah its all not really but its enough to summarize the past 2 weeks what's on in my life :) hehehe. I hope you never feel bored reading my blog :p Here is some of the photos: click to see on my Facebook

Bye, I have full class today from 8am till 4pm and 6pm I have to practice Saman dance :) Wish you great day! God bless y'all :) {()}

Golda Regina 


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