Friday, December 7, 2012

So, I'll see you there?

Good morning fellas! Happy Eid Al-Adha to those of you who celebrate it, and happy holiday to all of us! :D

I don't know where should I start this post. I am afraid, no, no, it is more like, I am really nervous and shy if I post this and he will read it. Hmm, but, whatever. I rarely meet, talk to him. Let's continueeeee....

Last Saturday, (oh my God! Time does really fly so fast! Tomorrow is Saturday again.) I went to Kemang (like finally :p), to Dia.Lo.Gue cafe exactly with kak Rizki Ramadan. I asked him to go to watch the mini theater show from Papermoon Puppet there. I didn't know what or who led me to finally text him and ask to go there together. Fortunately, he is also interest with that kind of thing. He loves art. I never thought that he would reply my text message and said YES! Yes maaaan, it was like I wanted to jump to the Olympic pool in my campus directly. Soooo happy at that time! I really enjoy arts. Whatever it is. I can not do art things, I mean like, drawing, painting, making story, and etc. But I loveee it! I do appreciate all of them! :)

When I attended some art events, they always ask me this kind of questions, "kamu bisa gambar?" or "kamu udah pernah pameran belum?" or "boleh liat karya-karya kamu nggak? di blog mungkin?" And I was like... *krik... krik...* Do I look like one of those art makers? hahaha. I just answered them with smile and then went around the room or sometimes I answered, "I am just a lover of arts. I can not draw, I can't make that dramatic stories or else you name it."

Well, the mini show theater was indeed real great! It was beyond my expectations before. I never attend any of puppet show before. Truth be told, I just knew it when I entered college. It because I am going to be a primary teacher soon to be, so I need  to know about it. At first, I thought that they would teach us about how to make the puppet show, the dolls or else related to it, buuutttt. They were showing us their photos during a trip to US for 1 month. MAAAAAAAN, one month is surely long journey. At that time, I was like, "yaaaah... why should I see your photos? I need the knowledge of puppet things" Buuutt, I was all wrong again! They even gave us more than that! All the photos hide thousands words and knowledges. Well, knowledge is not only about the scientific things, right? Knowledge can be from anything and I learned so much from their experiences during the time at US.

Well, the most excited part was they were finally did the mini show! I was like, oh maaaan, I am going to watch it real soon! Even for just 3 minutes. But that's okay though because it was all worth it. Guys, they are awesomely awesome. I run out of words to describe how amazing they are! :D They made the wood dolls seemed alive! You can feel the aura of the dolls shining to you. Seriously! You guys, should watch it. They are going to held the 3rd Puppet Show Festival in Jogja starts from 17-19 December 2012. Yes! 3 days in a row, andddd count me in, fellas! I am going to Jogja this coming 14th December to watch them. Happy beyond my thoughts! ;)

So, I'll see you there? ;)

P.S: This post actually should be posted when Eid Al-Adha hoilday, but I was too lazy to continue it. :p Sorry :) Well, wishingg you guys have a nice day :)

Golda Regina


  1. Mau dong dateng kalo ada acara-acara kaya gitu... D:

    1. kamu juga tertarik? nanti aku kabarin kamu yaaa :)