Friday, March 9, 2012

...... just can't get enough

People, how you guys doing? Hope everything's going smoothly.
Yeah, my blog is dead for real, I know. I am sorry anyway. I know it's a lil' bit late to welcome March, but here I am, talking to you. No matter what it is, I just hope March will be a good month (in fact, it is far). People, if you in my position, you'll know what I'm feeling right now, this second, and when you do, I'm sure that you want to scream out loud those things which you've kept inside for so-so long time ago. Well, there are so many not-so-good-things happened recently. I don't know where to start. It's just I really dislike people who love to insult races. We do have many different kind of races in our country. But why do we seem to see that as a problem?

I am here in Teachers College where you can find the students from all over Indonesia. I have one friend, my classmate, from East Indonesia, who like to insult the way I talked and the vocabulary that I used. She said that Medan people broke the vocabulary of Bahasa. Bitch, please. It is okay if she insulted it once, I am not that serious person, I took it as a joke, but she kept insulting it and it was getting on my nerves. Yaa, lama-lama panas juga kan kalau dihina terus, mentang-mentang kita nggak marah jadi seenak jidat begitu menghina-hina orang. Until I became angry and shouted out loud to her that I didn't like her attitude. If you want to make a joke, please, don't put things about races there. We are not the same type of person, note that!

I asked God, why He put us here with many kinds of cultures, ethnics if only it will just make each of us keep insulting one another? But, I look up to the sky & see the light of Him, I feel He has touched my heart. I learned each & every day in life that even in the worst time, there are always blessings inside of it. I realized that I've done so many things that hurt Him, I just can't thank Him enough until today, He still love me and ask for nothing. He made my mood happy again through these lovely couple, kak Eda and Nadya :)

I am addicted to these couple above. They are so humble, friendly, funny and cuteee >,< Looking forward to meet them again, hopefully soon :D

P. S: I have a primary science and technology field trip to Kebun Raya Bogor tomorrow. Gotta prepare the stuff and sleep afterward :) Nighty night :}

till then,

Golda Regina

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