Sunday, March 11, 2012

The feeling when you live far away from parents

I feel lost. Well, not really actually. I feel that I am missing someone. Yes, I miss my parents so much :(

I miss laughing and doing crazy things with them. They taught me a lot about lessons and values in life. From learning to stand up when I fall, to forgive and forget, to smile even when things go wrong, to differentiate between the good and the bad, to the small yet significant things like etiquette and attitude and so much more.

P.S: It has been 6 days since my father off to China and Hong Kong. I wonder what he's doing right now. I miss his voice already. Last time we talked when my mom called me in the morning to call my dad and said something to him before he left to the airport. He left me a message before he went there.

Guyssss, you bothhh, Y U SO NGANGENIN, EH? rawrrrr :* :*
till we meet again next summer yaah :)

your precious goldy daughter,

Golda Regina