Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have done my interviewed with the judges of Miss UPH Scholar 2012 this morning. A little bit nervousness is okay, right? :D I have tried my best to answer the questions calmly and now let God do the rest. Whatever the result later whether I can go to the big 50 or not, I'll accept that :) Promise my mom that I won't grumbling anymore ^^V.
  • Judge 1: "What is your major? Do you know UPH's mission and vision? Do you think that UPH's mission and vision are relevant to your major? How do you apply it to your job as a teacher?"
  • Judge 2: "Do you think you have inner beauty? If yes, what's that? Do you really want become Miss UPH 2012?"
  • Judge 3: "Mention 3 characteristics that Miss UPH must have, based in your opinion."

By the way, I had great chit chat with my roommates again. These two roommates I love the most :")

I am signing off now. Bye bye. Have a nice weekend lovely <3 <3
P.S: Sorry I bombarded you with lots of pictures :p

Golda Regina


  1. I am also a teacher! Great!

    What's UPH anyway? ahahah

    1. Really? Oh well, am still a student teacher :)

      UPH stands for Universitas Pelita Harapan

      check it out here