Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Maya's Giveaway

X: "What major did you take at UPH?"
Y: "I took Education. Primary Education."
X: "Education? Did you mean you will be a primary teacher?"
Y: "Yes yes and yes!"
X: "But why was it?"
Y: "Because God said so. God wanted me to bring a better Indonesia."
X: "Hahaha... You kidding me!"
Y: "Teaching is my calling and nothing's funny in it. Laugh at yourself."

Many people want to direct the path our nation will take, but teachers can help our children and community grow into the future. Being a teacher isn't a job. It's absolutely a calling! If you become a teacher just because you don't have any choices of job, you are definitely lost! My passion is to become a primary teacher, I do really want to touch my students' heart since they were kids. I want them to have the right foundation of education since they were kids. I want to prepare them to become the leaders for tomorrow with the heart which contains fear of God, so that whatever they do, they will do it just for the glory of God. Only a few people can prepare the new generation for Indonesia's future. I want become one of those few people.

"Teach a child and you touch the future."

P.S: I am joining kak Maya's giveaway. Check it out here!

Golda Regina


  1. jiahaha.. ikut jg ternyata kau dek.
    link nya jgn lupa taruh di blog ku ya ;)

    1. hahaha iya dong ikutan :D udah aku buat ya inang :p

  2. dan, aku jg pen jd guru. samaan kita ;)