Monday, February 13, 2012

Count your happiness! #1

I stumbled upon Alodita's blog and find out this post about happiness. I read through it all without missing any single thing there. I started to think that instead of grumbling allllll the time, why didn't I just count my happiness today? So, here is today's happiness:

1. I woke up later than usual at 6.00 o'clock and didn't have to woke up earlier because I had to submit my homework by seven o'clock because one of my classmate texted me last night that she would love to collect it all to the lecturer's pigeon hole. She volunteered herself. ;D
2. I met my favourite singer kak Eda who used to be the vocalist of POTENZIO at UPH garden this morning! He remembered my name! Oh wow! I can't stop smiling even until now I typed this. And he gave me high-five twice! We had a chit chat for 5 minutes and it was such uh-wow for me. I loveeeee him so much! He is so humble even he's quite famous now. What a morning! :D :D :D
3. Mr. WhatsApp whatsapp-ed me today! I don't know why, but whenever he whatsapps me, I am just happy. The feeling is like when you are waiting a text or a phone call from your lover. Happy to the max and ngangenin :p
4. My supervisor gave me her handmade; early Valentine's chocolate cake. It was the very first time for her baking cake and it tasted not bad ;)
5. I received my parcel from ROMWE today and I got it for FREE! Woohooo ;D

Tell me, what's yours?

P. S: Until we meet in the second happiness! <3 <3

Golda Regina

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