Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I am not forever alone #2

Maybe I should cancel the plan of hibernating for awhile. Yeah, I guess I shall keep posting whenever I feel like I want to! It's midnight and I was just went back from TOGE NIGHT. What's that? TOGE NIGHT is TOGETHER NIGHT, the togetherness party right on the Valentine's Day held by the Spiritual Growth UPH.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all :) Wish you have a blessed Valentine's Day today ♥. I thank God for a good weather in Lippo Karawaci. Well, it doesn't rain and it feels good. Oh yeah, anyway, it was my first experience, celebrating Valentine's Day at UPH. It was a wee bit not crowded compared to my expectation before, but still, I enjoyed it much! :)

Anyway, I had just reached dorm. We had dinner over at UPH's Olympic swimming pool.  There were lots of food. Hotdog, spaghetti, French fries, pudding, soft drinks, and roasted corn. I was fully full :D And as a result, I'm sleepy. HAHA. I guess, I need some beauty sleep right now. Oh well, let's call it a day, a good one. Once again, happy Valentine's Day y'all. xxx.

Oh wait! Let's count the happiness ;) Here it goes:
  • I woke up this morning and found chocolate on my desk :)
  • I had Fuyunghai for breakfast!!!! I loveeee Fuyunghai so much! :9 Nomnomnomm
  • I got 4 hours for my SoW after 1 week without doing any SoW.
  • Doing really well on today's Curriculum Studies' presentation along with my girls Grecia, Jessica and Marna. We made a role play about constructivism and got a really great responses from classmates and lecturer!
  • During the Question-time, my lecturer said that I was really good at answering all the questions. Though I had no slide presentation in front of the class, but I can answer and explain every single thing deeply and clearly. God's grace!
  • I also got other chocolates from my care group leader and the big one from one of the part-timer in the office named Koko ( I don't know that Chinese's man name :p ).
  • Received the SMS from Mr. Whatsapp. My mood booster of the day deh!
  • Got huge of new friends during the TOGE NIGHT.
( and the list goes on )

P.S: See ya on the next happiness! {()} 

Golda Regina 

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