Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ice Caffé Mocha

Bonjour tout le monde! It's a Sunday afternoon and here I am savoring my cup of hot green beans cereal while typing away. The rain fell so heavily today. It's cold outside. Strong winds and thunder flashed continuously. What exactly would you like to picture, God?

HIIII. I want to continue to tell about my trip to meet my brother last 2 weeks now. Ready? Tighten your seat belt, babies! :p So, before the bus stopped at the Blok M terminal, I found the passengers were getting fewer. I sat in the back and near me there were only two men. One sat behind me and another one (which seems to be able to trust to ask) sitting one row in front of me. I dared to ask him where was the address I was looking for. At first he was confused, because he never heard the name of the street. But he gave me a little hint, where I should go down, and recommending me to ride motorcycles (ojek) in order not to be fooled by taxi drivers (in fact, I was fooled by a motorcycle rider). It costed me Rp 20.000,00 when actually I could be able to pay only approximately Rp 10,000 by taxi.

Then, this man told to the ojek that I wanted to go to Gunawarman Street near STM Penerbangan. Oh ya, forgot to mention that, the reason why this man gave me a little hint to just rode ojek was because I said to him that the street is near STM Penerbangan. (In fact, I really don't know, where the heck is that place. LOL) Luckily, during WhatsApp-ing with Mr. WhatsApp far before I ended up went to the venue, he ever mentioned about that place. Just my luck! :D

I fully giving my trust to mas ojek of our journey. I did not know the way at all. During the trip, I see a lot of  cafes along the way but none of them called That's Life Coffee. We rounded all the way up to Senopati, KFC, until 2 times but still couldn't find it. Ask here and there and they all gave the same answer and still could not find it. I was hopeless and mas tukang ojek also did not know where else he should bring me. Apparently the cafe it's not entirely cafe. Its located on the 2nd floor of a house. No pamphlets cafés name. What made me more confuse was the pamphlets of that house is a physician practice. LOL.

 ft. kak Diela Maharani an awesome illustrator

 Hello, my name is Ekoy. LOL

 My brother and me. (I know, I only love the effect :p)

 I forced him to take photo again *grin*

 Meet the owner of the cafe, kak Arris Aprilio. He is the friendliest man alive I have ever met.

The end. #Pheww

P.S:  My father will go to China. His boss asked him to have a vacation there. Envy! Envy! :D I hope your China visa will be issued real soon! xoxo

Golda Regina


  1. - congrat utk iyeq.
    - foto yg pertama efeknya bagus dek
    - itu diela maharani tingginya samaan sm kamu kah?
    - seru bener acaranya ya ^^

    1. aku lebih tinggi dari kak diela, kak may :p