Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hey, Brother!

Morning! I hope your day is good. Although mine was not pretty good but I try to chin up and smile because I believe, I will walk through all these difficulties. As finals are coming real soon, it means that we're going to end our first 7week in our second semester. Time flies!

Well, I was so happy last week that I met my brother eventually. When he came to my hometown for a long break from his collage life, that was also the time for me to fly here to Jakarta to pursue my education. It was such a sad moment in my life. I really miss him! Since he was accepted in ISI Jogjakarta, he often said to me that Jogja is actually his home. He likes everything in Jogja, well, not literally everything, but most. He said that, if it was not because of our parents, he would never go back again to Medan (which shocked me) and he meant it!

Last Christmas, it had been also such a gloomy Christmas, well, at least for me. No brothers at home. Yes, It was just the four of us. My pop wasn't had any holidays during Chritsmas week until New Year. He just had one day break right on the Christmas day and had to go back to work as usual the next day. It was also happened the same thing on New Year, the different was, my pop asked for 2 days break as we were going to pay a visit to my pop's hometown to visit my one and only grandma and pay a visit to my grandpop's grave. Nothing much happened.

Ok, so, now you know how much I miss my brother. Last January, he texted me said that he will come to Jakarta on February as his art had been accepted in Kopi Kelling online exhibition. As Kopling (the short name of Kopi Keliling) will celebrate their first birthday in the 20th day of February, they were planning to have an offline exhibition. The birthday itself actually fell on Monday which was a  work day, so they made it one day before the exact day on Sunday the 19th. They invited all the artists which their arts being exhibited. My brother found it could be a fun event, so he decided to come along with his 2 friends, one of them also joined the SWAP Party. He came starightly from Jogja by bus! So brave of him, right? Thumbs up :p

How happy I was at that time. I bet you can imagine it. Well, I live here in Lippo Karawaci which is I find it really far from everywhere. I am still a newbie and I don't know what bus should I take to go somewhere outside Lippo Village. I was kind of depressed at that time because the desire to meet my brother would fail. I did search on the internet but it wasn't gave me any clues but confused me. I did also ask my seniors and friends who came from Jakarta but I got nothing. They were compacted to say "Don't know". I was like .....

But I didn't stop there. I kept on praying to God that I really wanted to meet my brother. Even though I was so galau one day before, I did kept praying and praying to God to stenghten my decision and giving me bravery to go even without any friend accompanied me. I didn't talk much as usual, I wasn't cheerful as I used to; my roommate, kak Yenny even didn't have the courage to joke with me. After the student fellowship on Friday night, I went straightly back to my dormitory and slept. I woke up at 5 a.m. and still confused whether I went or not. But I didn't know why, I directly came down from my bed and immediately shower. By 6, I had breakfast alone and went straight to the toll.

I didn't know who pushed me to have the courage to ask to one of the women who had just came down from the public transportation with me. I asked her which bus should I take if I want to go to Blok M and she answered me nicely and said, you can take the bus number 34. How thankful I was! There was one bus number 138 stopped there and this woman suddenly said to me that I also could go by it, even faster! Can't find any words to describe how thankful I am! I immediately got into the bus. Such a beautiful morning at that time. I couldn't imagine that the street was very quite and the trip was really pleasant. There were no singers (pengamen), no jams, not many passengers at the bus and the weather was so very supportive. I could see the street through the window without anyone disturbing me.

 The location was at That's Life Coffee, Gunawarman Street no. 24, South Jakarta. I arrived there beyond my expectation. I arrived at 8 a.m. and that was sooooo fast! But the owner of that coffee shop, kak Arris was really welcome. He is very friendly. We talked quite much, we laughed while waiting for others to come and display their arts on the wall of the cafe. The clock was shown at 10 and not long after that, my brother came with his two friends. Finally.

Kyaaa. I met him! I met him, guys!!! After 6 months and now we were met each other. HUGS!!!

P.S: There are still so much I want to tell you guys about my trip and the birthday party at the next day, but I have to go now. I have a care group party with my ex care group leader this morning. More photos will come soon. For more info about SWAP PARTY you can go to this link:

Have a nice weekend buddies!

Golda Regina

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