Friday, September 23, 2011

Just a glimpse

My closest friends here minus Dini

My roommates (not all, minus 3 of all)

 Faculty of Education - Teachers College 2011

Wearing our alma mater celebrating the 66th of Indonesia Independence Day

 My classmates - Primary Education (English Program)

 6ED1 in front of Mr. Dennis' house (our native lecturer) for care group.

Peace! ^^V

Overflowed with thankfulness just to be surrounded by all these people. Six weeks has passed and another one more week to go for my exam, maybe I should really take this seriously. Not looking forward for last minute study. Make mommah poppah and God proud! *\:D/*
It is 12:08 AM according to my laptop's, too late? I am going to sleep then.

P.S: There is no class for tomorrow's morning! Yayness :)

Have a good goodnight buddies :)

Golda Regina