Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sometimes it made me wonder what the fuck am I doing here.

Ever feel that mad, like super mad when you wanna slam the door so fucking hard? No, it wasn't like that. Even madder, like you wanna drive at 160 and crash the car in front of you? Or even like you wanna set fire and burn someone alive? Yeah, it's that mad. I haven't been this pissed off for some time, and I hate feeling this way all over again. There are times when we feel so annoyed of something happened around us and often it would just ruin our mood.

There is a senior, cohort 5 here in my campus. At the dorm to be specific. Her name is Desta, a girl. Last night when going to Friday Night, we have to queue for tapping the smart card. There are two rows, left and right. I saw a line that was empty on the left while the right side was full because the position right in front of the lift. So I went ahead to the left row because there was no one there. While waiting until the person in front of me finished tapping the smart card, I was chatting with my friend. Suddenly she came up from my beside then with her bitchy face and high-tone voice she said, "Eh, do you want to tap the smart card? Golda, do you want to tap? (Because I didn't hear her)." I answered her, "Yes kak, I do want to tap." Can you guys guess what she said then? She said, "NGANTRI DONG, GUE TADI UDAH DISINI DULUAN." It feels like there is thunder that struck me. Shocked!

Guys, I am not that stupid. I am not blind either. There was NO her at that time! That is why I went to the left side. Then she came up and saying she was there? Where was her? I didn't even care whether she was there before or not, one thing that I knew is, there was no one there and I was in a rush to not being so late to attend the Friday Night. How dare she was pretended herself being there before me???? Oh commooooooonnn. HELLOOOOOOO? WHAT THE FUCK. I FEEL LIKE I WANT TO KILL HER RIGHT AWAY SHE YELLING / SNAPPING AT ME.

Worse, when the staff asked us to just collect our smart card and let them to tap it for us because it was too late and the event started already, this fucking girl, grabbed the front row so she could go first. WHAT THE HELL yeah, she was the one asked me to queue, in fact she herself, DID NOT QUEUE and grabbed people's. GODDAMN IT!

I don't want to respect such person. NEVER EVER!

P.S: I can hardly control myself when I was mad, madly mad, you know. Like someone pissed you off and you just 'boom' ! To whom this post is referred, may you be forgiven by God and karma. May you have the chance to correct yourself before it's too late.

Golda Regina


  1. Hiyahaha, maap saya ketawa, tapi saya senang kamu melampiaskan kekesalan kamu lewat tulisan ini. :D :D
    Bagus, kamu menuliskannya dengan bahasa inggris, jadi gak terlalu kasar gitu kalo saya baca... Haha... ^^

  2. hahahaha iya bahasa Indonesia emang kedengaran selalu lebih kasar, tapi sebenarnya supaya lebih plong, enakan pake bahasa Indonesia, karna langsung menohok gitu ke orangnya, hauahaha :p