Saturday, September 3, 2011

Adelaide sky

It's been a while, hello everyone! Before I start, a not super late Happy Eid ul-Fitr to all of you! I'm back from Jakarta and of course I am in Koreawaci, hmm I meant, Karawaci again. So how was your holiday? Mine was pretty shit if you would like to know. Spent most of my days sleeping or complaining about how boring it is or how shitty the internet connection is, amazing.

I am supposed to make my assignments right now but you know me, I never do my assignments when I'm actually supposed to. Homework is starting to pile up as I slack my hours away with sleeping. I should definitely blame college for giving me piles of assignments and readings to be completed every night. Due to that, I have never had an exact 8 hours of sleeping time, not to mention waking up at 5 in the morning for almost everyday.

You know what, you know what? I thought I am ready for the world, but the truth is I am just an ordinary girl who knows nothing and I am lost. I just wanna go home, to the place where I belong. I miss my parents, siblings and my girls <3

I am out of words. Going to try posting as much as possible this month. I know I say these words all the time at the end of a post but I'm trying to not lie about it this time. Promise! Have a goodnight sleep everyone! Hold tight to your pillow, and dream beautiful! <3

P.S: I am craving for dreamcatcher(s)

Golda Regina


  1. ahhh...itu kan soundtracknya kambing jantan kan dek.....
    aq juga suka bgt lagu ini...keren, bikin ademm :)

  2. Kebetulan ya... si Radith kuliah di Adelaide, lagu Aditya Sofyan ini juga berjudul "Adelaide Sky"... :D

  3. @Gloria Putri: iya kak :)

    @Febriasop: iya kebetulan ya hehe -___-"