Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not a university student yet

The first day I arrived in the dormitory we were given a warm welcome by the seniors who are our mentors and also the committe of WNS (Welcoming New Students). We were treated as if we were celebrities and welcomed us with cheerful songs. We were came together in a place, a basement, to register ourselves. After registering, we were guided to our rooms by the mentors and they helped us to arrange our stuff orderly and pleased us to take a rest for a while, but after that we have to get ready to have dinner and attend several activities which is planned by the committe.

In the next morning, we had so many activities which was started at 6am and I got up at 4am to get ready earlier and not to be late for breakfast, devotion time, induction and other activities. We had full of schedules in our first week here which were started at 6am and ended at 10pm above. I didn't have much time for myself. Everyday in that week, we only had a minute to take a rest before getting ready to attend the next activities.

In my opinion, the mentoring time is so not important to be held because it was just a media for us to play around. It'd be better to stay in the dormitory, right? That's all I had in my first week here before the UPH Festival.

P.S: Happy holiday guys. I spend a week of my holiday at the dorm doing my assignments.

Golda Regina


  1. sibuk bgt ya tp btw lbh bagus dongg daripada acara ospek-ospekan yg kdg menyiksa :(

  2. banget banget heeel :( semangattt!!! untungnya sih UPH nggak ada ospek :D