Sunday, August 21, 2011

New life begins

Hey cupcakes. It's Sunday. Happy Sunday to all of you. I kind of miss blogging, so I decided to borrow my roommates laptop who is actually my senior. She's one of the 3rd cohort student here at Teachers College - UPH. I will introduce you one by one about my roommates later. So, back to the topic. I actually wanted to log in into my old blog which is but because I've been hiatus for a long time and never touch my laptop for the past 3 weeks, gosh, I forgot my password. I wanted to just shut down the laptop but I remembered that I am not in my hometown anymore.

I have moved to a new place. I have moved to a new environment.  So, I think this is the right time for me to create a new blog. And share about my new chapter of life as being a university student, living in a dormitory, having a lot of new friends from all over Indonesia, having some friends from western countries, and there will be a lot more to share. Here it goes, my new blooog. Hope you will enjoy every little thing I write here. I will flash back from the very first I came here in Lippo Karawaci.

It is a great place to live in, you know guys. But, my new room is still in a messy condition as I need to go to college from morning until mid day. My schedule is quite nice but I have to do my SoW after college and I'm accepted in TC Info which is giving everyone information that they need about Teachers College - UPH. It is not an easy job to do, guys. The risk is so big. How if you give wrong information? Just imagine by yourself. Curious much about what is SoW? I'll tell you guys later more about it. Ok ok ok, back back back again to our topic :D I will be heading to hunt some vintage decorations to decorate my room and I can't wait for mom to come and hunt together! :D

Time to end the post. I am just so tired and wanted to have a short afternoon sleep before having my dinner at 6 o'clock. See you in my next post! Nice weekend, everyone. xx

P.S: Feel free to comment because my blog hasn't has a chat box yet. Just drop your 'hello' under this post. Mucho gracias.

Golda Regina


  1. wkwkwkwkwk...ternyata o ternyata...lupa password hehehehhehehe

  2. iya iiiih kamu gmn caranya bisa balik? aku msh belum balik nih huhuhuhu -Putar

  3. hello golda!
    udah lama nih ga main-main ke sini

  4. kabar baik golda :)
    km punya 2 blog ya?

    pasang chatbox nya dongg,biar kita leluasa ngobrolnya,hehehe:p

  5. @gloriaputri: tapi awal hiatusnya itu bukan karena lupa password kaak hehehe ;D