Tuesday, September 6, 2011

God, You are awesomely awesome!

 pictures courtesy of UPH
Campus orientation that held by the faculty was over. Next, the orientation for the entire new students was going to be held, that's called UPH 18th Festival. This festival has been held for four days. All of us were helped by our mentors to take parts in this festival. It was begun by the introduction of campus and the master of ceremony in the festival, next, we rehearse the song that will be sung and also the regulations of the opened board as the opening of UPH Festival and the last but not least, we held the students inauguration party in the next day.

The opened board was one of the programs that I like, because it seemed I didn't believe that I was going to be a college girl. I was touched, honestly, I had the tears of joy when the rector hit the hammer as the sign that we were accepted in UPH on academic year of 2011/2012. The tears of joy covered my face and felt that blessing of God really changed my life. God gave a trust to continue my study in a higher level.

The moment that we (me and the other new students) wanted the most was the closing of UPH Festival. It was ended by the performance of JFlow, the alumnus of UPH. There was also Andien who sang before the firework party. A moment before the firework party was welcomed enthusiastically by all the students here, the new ones as well as the seniors. All came together in the Plaza D building. The firework party exactly started at 7pm. We flared the fireworks up all together which were in our hands and played cheerfully. Well, the most awesome moment there when UPH has flared the fireworks up exactly for 15 minutes non-stop.The most incredible moment was when the sky fulfilled by the fireworks light and it was very amazing to see so. While I was playing with my friends, I saw two seniors near me that hugged each other, looked at the fireworks light at the sky, and said, "I can't believe it's going to be the last firework party for us as the students here. It seemed like yesterday was the day we accepted here." Deep down in my heart I said, "Dear God, I want to be like them someday, be good at my study and graduate on the right time."

God, You are awesomely awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

P.S: It's 12:46am over here. It's super late. So, this week, next week are the most essential crucial whatever it is, it is the most important time in this first semester of college. Next week I will face my very first quiz, gaaahhh :/ Final will be coming soon. Wish me luck, folks? :) Have a good goodnight! xoxox

Golda Regina


  1. cieeeee
    skrng mahasiswii
    cuit cuit :))

  2. you'll be golda, even better.
    Keep spirit!

    eniwei, seru bener ya. ane jd kangen masa2 kuliah dolo :((

  3. Okay, wish you luck for the quiz. :D

  4. adeuuuuh... pengen jd mahasiswi kinyis2 lagi deeeh...


  5. @Gloria Putri: Hahahaha. Iyaa, udah mahasiswi loh sekarang. Akhirnya yaaa. Sesuatu banget. Hahaha :D

    @Maya: Thank you kak :) Balik lagi sono jadi mahasiswa, ambil S2 ::D

    @Asop: Thank yeww berry murrchh :3

    @Enno: Hahahaha, cengin troosss kak Enno :p