Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hi all, how was your weekend? Mine was great! I spent my Saturday attending the Health & Physical Education class (yeah, cool :p), joining Bireun Seudati (folklore dance group at my campus) audition though I will not going to the cultural mission in Europe then chilling out with my friends from the other faculties who were joining the audition as well :) I didn't straightly go back to my dorm after we had our late lunch at Serba Food (I really love their XO Fried Rice, nyumm... =9), I spent half of my night at my friend's apartment who are actually my friends from Medan and one of them is my friend since primary school :) :)

We talked like the world is ours, talking with our own hometown dialect (thank God!) without worrying that somebody will get hurts, laughing like there is no tomorrow, taking pictures and so much other fun fun fun things we did today :) So happy that I can met them here. I feel so frustrated talking with the Jakartans people dialect, my tongue is bloody tired :p

Ahh if I have the freedom to leave the dormitory as I want, I would have a sleepover at my friend's apartment tonight and doing crazy stuff for sure. But that's okay though, because the apartment is really close to my dormitory so that I can visit every time just by walking 5 minutes only. Let's count it as an exercise :p

Well, here's the pics for today's post! Hope you enjoy ;)

Hugs and Kisses,

Golda Regina