Friday, February 1, 2013

Bring it on!

I am in my 4th semester of university already! Well, it has been started since 14th of January actually while my friends who were going to the state university still in their 3rd semester and fighting with the final exams. You might feel bored hearing people says "time flies so fast", me either. But we can't deny it. Time flies real fast, like it's February already, next month I will face my midterm exams, the month after next month until mid-year (sounds complicated :p) I will be celebrating my 20 years old of living in this world alone, again, for the 2nd times. At least, that's for me, I don't know yours and would you mind to share? ;)

I got 22 credits for this semester with the not-so-tight schedule. But surely I hate the schedule. I got classes mostly in the afternoon, 10 a.m. above. I want a morning class so that I'll have more free time in the afternoon and can do my activities outside the academic things without worrying if the time collide to each other. It will be so stressful to arrange the times. If only we have longer afternoon, if only...

And oh, living in the Christian dormitory, we surely have the mandatory(s) to be followed. I mostly spend my days in the dormitory, I rarely go outside just to relax and chilling out with my friends because, again, no time. They eat all of my time here. I have to rush from one place to the other place with a very limited time just to change my cloth. I should learn how to take a shower just for 5 minutes, but I failed. I prefer not to take any shower rather than having that what Indonesian people called 'mandi bebek' or 'duck-shower' (failed translation) :p HAHA... No worries, I rarely do that, just in a really tight time.

But hey, even though I don't really have so much time to hang out, you can still ask me whether I can go or not, have time or not. Like, pleaseeee... I wanna go out, like a real youngster people out there. Even though my answers will mostly no buuuut please don't forget to ask me first. (I feel so pathetic :p)

notes: today I have a partner to teach my private student, Daniel. I am not really excited though she is only my assistant which will not take much part to teach Daniel, only if I need a help. But even until today I didn't really need her help. I was so sad. Well, I am afraid that Daniel will not love me as much as before because he has to share it now. And I can't be selfish too. I need to make my partner get close with my student so that the learning process will work out. Because at first, Daniel didn't want any other teacher to join us, he cried last Tuesday when I talked to him that we would had a new teacher. But that's not my authority to decide something. As I am writing this, I asked Daniel to play with my new partner, and thank God he enjoys it, he laughs a lot and I love seeing that :) It is so hard for me to accept things like this. Please always pray for me so that I can have a humbly heart to accept everything :) Because I know everything happens for reasons, and I know this one is for good :) :)

Much love,
Golda Regina


  1. hi there :) ur journal is cute! anw, best of luck for the exams :D

  2. Thanks, Vil! :) The exams are still next month though :D