Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hand in Hand with Jesus

Like what Jesus said in the Bible that each day has its own cares, I believe that each semester does too. Like each season has its own fragrance, I believe that each semester also has its own lessons to be learned. When I look back to this passing semester, I can find myself learning a lot. One of the lessons that deeply touched me is a bout beginning the day with Jesus and making the most of the opportunity every day.

This semester I take eight classes, 23 credits scheduled from Monday to Friday; have five mandatory chapels and devotions on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday morning and Friday evening from Teachers College; and also have daily devotion at 5.30 a.m. and 9.00 p.m. on Monday to Friday at dorm. In the midst of the tightness of the schedule, for countless times I have been thinking about giving up. I feel so tired and stressed out with the many things that are needed to be handled. I feel like being stuck in a routine that is repeating over and over again every day. The boredom was getting even worse until I reached the point where I woke up in the morning, the first thing came up to my mind was: "it's just another day". In other words, I can sum up my days in this semester like this: wake up, check the to do list for the day, off to bed, wake up again and repeat all the same things back to the top.

One night, when I was reading a book, I read this simple yet touching sentence that changed my days from that moment on: "Every time you get a fresh start, a chance to begin again, Jesus is right there at the center of it. His forgiveness empowers us to look ahead, not back." After reading that sentence, I reflected on how I began my days. I began my days with a just-another-day thought. But then that sentence reminded me that Jesus is in the center of each new beginning of the day and each day has its own opportunities to be seized. So, I wake up this morning not only check the "to do list" but also to begin again with Jesus and in hope that I can make the most of every opportunity I have today.


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