Thursday, January 19, 2012

*\☺/* Giveaway *\☺/*

Another giveaway to win, fellas! I just randomly click click some links from Facebook, blogs and stop on this blog named Lipgloss Love Affair. Have I told you that I am one of those giveaway hunter? I love free things, everybody loves either, I know ;) So, I want you guys to join also the giveaway, especially for the girls. You should join this! The freebies are sooooo amazing! :D Excited? Curious? Then, join!  Just click the photo that I put on my right sidebar to go directly to the giveaway post! Have fun and good luck! :)

Golda Regina


  1. thanks for d notice !

  2. sudah lama jg tak kesini. fb mu kenapa dek?
    gk bisa diakses. pdhl tadinya pen gambarin kamu, hahaha...