Thursday, December 22, 2011

What is money for your life?

So, hello people!

My laptop is broken and being hospitalized now. The engineering called me just now, said that I can bring it home tomorrow afternoon; it costs 450k and I don't have money, seriously. I did a bargain with him and I won. I am not happy though. I asked 300k for all the stuff that had been broken + re-installing and upgrading all of the programs. He didn't want it. He wants 400k at least for all. I didn't want either. Long story short, I won it for 375k. Finally. I have spent too much money this year. Hope I can manage my money well next time. It stressed me out for having no money. #:-s

P. S: Happy Mother's Day!

#unyu moment

Golda Regina


  1. Awww, biaya servis laptop memang mahal. :(

  2. iyaa tapi kalau mau beli baru juga ngga ada duitnya :( hahaha :p