Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rainy November

Some words don’t even have the same meaning anymore. At some point of time, the meaning starts to die off and it doesn't even matter anymore. We just take those couple of words and digest it as if we didn't even hear it. Just like I love you, I miss you, I promise, I don't want you anymore, I hate you, leave me alone.

P.S: These deadlines, due dates, or what ever are killing me. Can I just skip this month, heading back to my hometown and just stay there? *fufufu*

Have a good November ahead, folks! Enjoy this rainy November.

Golda Regina


  1. lagi2 cm bisa komen semangatttt buat deadline2 nya :)

    1. lagi2 juga bisa bilang terimakasih kakak! ;D