Friday, November 25, 2011

From Milan with Love: Cindy Karmoko's Giveaway

Hey ya people! Howdy? It's Friday already, means that it's getting closer to weekend and the end of this month. Excited? Yes! Yes! Yes! I don't really care with the due date of all of my assignments. I tried to do my best to finish it up on time so that I can go back home freely and enjoy the Christmas celebration with my family. I know this Christmas will be such a ehmm.. what should I say? quite Christmas? Because, yes, there are only mom, pop and sister at home while me and my brothers are spread out out of our hometown. My brothers had already gone back home last month, so they won't be back again this Christmas. Sad? Yes. Because when they were at home, I am here in my dormitory, pursuing my education.

Kay kay, don't talk about it, it just makes me sad. Today I stumbled upon Sonya Erika's blog (I bet you guys have known her; she's one of the famous fashion blogger in town!) and found out about Cindy Karmoko's versacexH&M tee giveaway. It just 'wow' me and don't want to lost my chance. I really want this tee not because of the brand but I love the tee because I feel like it is unique. You know that the tee is actually a man's tee. I never wear man's tee before, so I want to give it a try, maybe with this tee first? :p But I do love the pattern and the color also. It's like wild but at the same time you can feel 'peace' inside it, I don't why but that was my very first thought the time I saw it. If at the end I can't get it, at least I have tried. ;;)

Guys, there is still a chance for you to join this giveaway until December 5 and this giveaway is open worldwide. So what are you waiting for?

Golda Regina

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