Saturday, June 2, 2012


Kissing the age of 18 goodbye is such a woebegone condition, isn't it? Sigh time seriously flies! In a blink of an eye, I'm turning 19. Snip Snap! Another year goes by! I'm pretty mesmerized by how memories are packed in this little pumpkin. 18 years of life experiences including the heart throbbing ones that make you hardly catch your breath and the wretched ones that are too bitter to forget.

This year, I will celebrate pop's and my birthday without parents & family and not to forget to mention, mes amours; Melissa. I miss being the event organizer for their birthdays. I miss the kisses from pop, his tight hug and the smell of his body after wake up in the morning and momma's as well. Her special offer for me that I can request every food that I want in my birthday and she will surely cook it for me. I don't have any complicated wishes for my birthday. If I should list it all down, here it goes:

Being in Teachers College isn't as easy as I thought before, isn't as wow as others thought. I have been through difficulties, struggles, even regrets why I ended up being here.

Great GPA
As I ended my first year in university already, I have been very disappointed with my last GPA even my whole family said it was good, it was a nice stepping-stone to achieve more. But still, I thought it wasn't as much as my efforts and sacrifices. I do want my second semester GPA will be more than the first one. I have been worked very hard, I want it all paid off.

Hope, when I wake up in the morning right on my birthday, I clearly and surely find out that momma, pop & siblings are there right in front of me :) A simple happiness :)

What do you wish for? Enjoy my month, this blessings June :) xx

Golda Regina


  1. halo golda, udah lama nih aku ga ke sini ;)
    gmn kuliahnya di sana? oiya, pasang linkku di blog kamu dong,hehe

    1. haii tutiiii :) long tine no chat ya! kuliah disini baikbaik aja nih. kamu gimana? okeeee, nanti aku link back ya. kemaren-kemaren aku sempet ubah layout jadi suka ada yg ketingalan linknya. thank you for dropping by again! :)


  2. nice!

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