Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Have a sneak peak

I haven't written for so long but there's a decent reason for that. Nothing extraordinary, but life has been really demanding. Have you noticed that with each year that passes, life gets increasingly hectic? I get so busy with everyday life that I forget I need to "live" in order to appreciate life.

Well, the memories that still crystal clear stay in my mind are my GPA and the form of MUS that I haven't filled yet.

Yes, so last Monday, I got my very first GPA as a college student. My GPA was 3,44. I didn't satisfy because seemed like my hard work for 1 semester didn't pay off. I am surely sure that I deserve more than this. I was schocked knowing that 2 of classmates can get higher than us, well, am not saying that am the smartest student in the class and am not underestimate them either. Well, I hate to underestimate people and being underestimated. But, I knew for sure who did well with the assignments that had given by our lecturers, who did well during class discussion, class presentations. I can't say that I also knew about their final exam, but one thing for sure, the ratio between the grade of assignments and final exam last semester was 50:50 and these two friends of mine, ever got F (Failed) in their assignments and never get at least B in their assignments. So how come that they got higher than me? They were not worth the grade, I think.

I still didn't understand about the grades' calculation and I was sooo curious that I was about to complain to my lecturers and wanted to see the complete mark of each assignments and final exam. My ex care group leader, my brother and even my father said that my GPA was good already and they said it was a nice step to get higher in the next semester. They said, if happened I got 3,60 above this semester which the subjects still the general ones, I will quite hard to defense on it because this semester, the subjects that had given from the bureau of academic administration were all content and I have to fight and work harder in order to get high GPA too.

It took quite long time for me to accept this fact, but as I was reflecting this last night and got lots of supported from the people I love, I think I MUST accept this, be grateful because there are still so many students who got lower than me which means I am not that worse, and the most important thing is, I MUST PROVE TO THEM THAT I CAN GET BETTER THIS SEMESTER. Will you wish me luck? Anyway, time flies. It flies so fast that I have just realized that I'm in my week 4 of my semester 2 being a college student. In another upcoming 4 months, I will get all these stuff done and voila, I hope I am able to pass my 1st year with satisfying grades. Amen.

The second one is, well, do you guys know Miss Indonesia 2009? Yes, she is Astrid Ellena. She was also Miss UPH Scholar 2008 (if am not mistaken). So, there is an usual event that held by UPH which is Miss UPH Scholar. It's look like beauty peagent competition. What make it different is there is no physical terms if you want to be a part of this competition. So you don't have to be like those supermodels to enter this. That is what I like the most about this event that they let all girls to take part. Because I think every girl is beautiful and deserve all the best things.

So, I have one friend named Cia who registered all of us to join this MUS 2012. I do really want to join actually because competition is sooo me but not this time. I am not prepare enough. This is suddenly sudden. The first audition will be held this coming Feb 11 and we should returning back the registration form with the completed terms on Feb 10. I don't even touch the form until right now. It just 3 days until the audition. Can you guess, guys? Well, the form already in my hand. I should fill it out. Challenge accepted! I will have a photoshoot tomorrow morning after the devotion with the help of my senior as the photographer. Wish us luck for tomorrow so I can give the best for me, family, friends, you and my Jesus, will you? :)

P.S: I'm getting more and more unorganized with my diet and kind of disappointed that I don't have a good appetite management. (Hope this doesn't portray how pessimist I am) Been living for almost 19 years and pretty much clueless if I will end up being single because I am too fat or ugly I can't even win a man's heart. Forever alone. Just keep praying for me! :P

Golda Regina

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