Friday, October 7, 2011


So long my friend! I'm desperate for a good and proper internet connection over here. My lame connection in the dorm is one of many reasons I get furious so often these days. I don't have much to say, I don't have time to think and type here. Piles of assignments still waiting for me to finish it as soon as possible due tomorrow. Gaahhh :/ One more to go out of 40 chapters of reading and reflection first assignment from my religion lecturer. I have to collect it before 3 pm at his pigeon hole. The problem is, I don't have my own printer, I don't want to print it in my campus printer although it's free, because the computer has soooooo many virus. Rawr!

Betewe betewe, last 2nd of October was my Bacin birthday! Photos are coming soon, you should see her gembel face ;) I made this for her.


P.S: Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.

My super deepest condolences.
Thank you Steve Jobs for a duper brilliant job.

Golda Regina


  1. Saya turut berduka atas Steve Jobs. :(

    Pengaruhnya luar biasa. Bahkan yang bukan pengguna Apple pun merasa kehilangan. :(

  2. jgn lupa paswor lg ya. ane baru aja ganti link km di blog. dr kmren lupa mulu. sori ye.

    and yes, RIP steve jobs.